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Suicide Squad (2016)

The government decides to give the team of super villains a chance at redemption. The catch is that they are sent to carry out missions, where they are most likely to die.

Finally, Bad Guys broke into the big screens. Films with such wide publicity as the Squad of Suicides always have a side effect - not justified expectations. This year I already had it with the "X-Men: Apocalypse" and "Captain America: Civil War." So that's it. This film is not one of those. And even a ton of bad criticism and falling every hour the rating is not affected.

What's the matter? The bad guys are gathered together to save the world while Superman is lying in the coffin, and Batman is collecting friends for the next film (Justice League). Motivation? You will escape - the head from the shoulders. Do not obey the order - the head from the shoulders. Throw it out - you understand. A small chance that they will reduce the term of imprisonment in Argus prison. Yes, generally, have fun and bend your bones, do not sit lifelong in four walls.

Under the influence of bad reviews, I could not but try to find all the weaknesses listed by the critics and ... did not find them. Predictably, at the beginning of the film we are introduced to the characters. But how to introduce! Under divine music, with humor and style of Guy Ritchie and games. Each character of any chromosome is not like the other. Harley Quinn before the emotions is insane and unpredictable, it will be a crime to say that she makes the biggest contribution to the atmosphere of the film. Deadshot prudent and principled, and indeed, man! For the absurdity is the representative of the Australian gopot, the uncompounded player, Captain Boomerang. There are a lot of characters, and everyone can not be given time, so El Diablo, Killer Kroku and Katana are given too little time, which, in turn, does not affect their effectiveness. The charmer also did not get much screen time. And it's good, it's unlikely that the underactress Kara Delavin would have been able to hide her acting game for such a steep manner for longer. We must not forget about the originator of the celebration - Amanda Waller, performed by Viola Davis. If it's short - it's a horror to embody. And, there is also the Joker in Letoski. Has he surpassed, compared or lost to Heath Ledger? None of the above. Was the Joker good? Yes. This time he is rubbing gangsta pimp - leggings with Batman badges, a purple leather cloak, a mass of tatuh (a smile on my wrist won my heart) and a psychotic laugh that can not belong to a healthy person. It would be nice to get back the cut scenes with this friend. I believe in the director's version (maybe R's rating? He-he)

His majesty is an action packed in place. Yes, here you are not Avengers. But the eyes are delighted when Deadshoot alone scores dozens of enemies, Harley swings his truncheon with acrobatic stunts, while Captain Boomerang sips a beer after the car. Not every movie you see such a compass distributing lyuley. Many talk about how the notorious ragamuffin suddenly became friends and save the world. Cammon people, in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" it generally did not bother anyone. And there are pogans of universal scale, and these are just Gotham. Yes, and in general, they are in the bar, they have thrown themselves - this unites. Boring scenes can be found in any film - there are 1.23% of them. Sprinkle all this with the music matched to Deadshot's accuracy, and get a wonderful mix, which is mandatory for viewing, and be closed from negative criticism and just enjoy this wildly cheerful movie. Official Trailer-->>

Deadpool (2016)

Wade Wilson is a mercenary. As a by-product of the armed forces program called "Weapon X," Wilson gained incredible strength, agility and the ability to heal. But a terrible price: his cellular structure is constantly changing, and sanity is doubtful. All that Wilson wants is to stay afloat in a social cesspool. But the current in it is too fast.

I saw this movie thrice, sincerely thought that the first two times inattentively watched and missed something ... but no, I did not change anything the third time.

So, the PR company of this film is truly grandiose, even surpassed a new episode of star wars! At every step, on every banner, in every microwave oven and fridge, we were hunted by the advertisement of a previously unknown hero. People who were engaged in advertising just a guru of their business, they, for some several months, have unleashed a new character for the CIS countries and created his cult straight! And the catalyst of general interest, of course, was the rating of 18+.

So, I sat down to watch movies, in which they promised humor with dismemberment, action, shooting ... in general, a relaxation for the brains and stimulation of pleasure centers from a good show.

But, to my disappointment, it was not there ... in the film, by and large, 2 action scenes, and both, almost completely shown in the trailer, it would seem possible to clear up, having a rating of 18+, but the whole dismemberment was limited to a pair of hands, legs, in general, about anything. An attempt to parody English humor (in the scenes where Deadpool and his wife argued about who lives worse) turned out to be too pathetic a parody of British comedians, toilet humor would ideally suit the rating of 18+, but it is so inappropriate to use it, as it happened in the film, it was necessary to try still, in fact, none of the jokes was not in the target.

And the plot was that the man had saved his life to Deadpool, the pool did not like his face, and, despite the saved life, he decided to kill his savior. + in an attempt to please everyone, the authors also managed to shove the incomprehensible love line here.

In general, they seemed to put a lot of everything, but, in fact, nothing qualitatively, except for PR they did not. For 2-3 good jokes, for the action from the trailer and for the standard advertising campaign, you can give the film a score, respectively, a total of 3 out of 10! Official Trailer -->>

The Revenant (2015)

Hunter Glass is seriously injured in the uncharted expanses of the American Wild West. Comrade Hugh, in the order of conquerors of new lands, John Fitzgerald treacherously leaves him to die alone. Now Glass has only one weapon - his willpower. He is ready to challenge the primordial nature, the harsh winter and the hostile tribes of the Indians, only to survive and take revenge on FitzGerald.

I've been waiting a long time for this picture, and I will not hide it - I'm a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. Also recently, with his successful roles, Tom Hardy was also pleased.

All 2,5 hours in the cinema I sat and admired the magnificent scenery, really professional game not only Di Caprio and Hardy, but all the other actors. Honestly, at first it seemed that the action of the film is so slow, but then you are drawn in and can not be distracted already.

Some moments in the movie before touch the heart, that everything inside shrinks.

The film reveals many unpleasant problems in our society,

But the topic of betrayal is especially offensive. The problems of fighting against oneself, family, honor and dignity.

This film is one of those that you need to sit down, watch without stopping - and learn from it important aspects of our lives that we simply do not notice in the daily routine of days. Official Trailer -->>

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